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"Providing Care, Because We Care"


At GMR, we strive to create an environment where every one of the individuals we support receives and gains the highest level of respect possible, hence our name - "GMR, " which speaks for itself.  The acronym, "GMR," stands for Give More Respect.  It is through RESPECT that we support our individuals with an intent and purpose of building a community of healthy relationships around them, and by acknowledging and respecting their unique gifts, strengths, talents and skill sets.


To provide an empowering environment for each of our individuals, we will assist them in seeking out the least restrictive environment in which they can be successful.  We will strive to understand and meet the unique needs of each individual, and work to become an invisible support system for all that we serve/support.  As we move toward increasing our dignity of risk for each person we support, we will promote, respect and maintain the positive rituals that establish and enhance their quality of life, while we support them in developing and growing to be as independent as they desire to be.


GMR provides these the following  services:


  • Supported Living

  • Adult Day Programing

  • Non-Medical Transportation

  • Representative Payee Services


  • 1st Aid / CPR

  • Medication Administration 

  • Provider Certifications (Initial and Renewal)

  • PATHS Certifications 

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Better Care Starts with You!
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