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GMR Exceptional Care -

A leading provider of HPC services.

Founder / CEO

Mary L. Shelton - is the Founder / Owner / CEO of GMR Exceptional Care, Inc.

Our Story

GMR Exceptional Care, Inc. was established on December 1, 2001 by Mary L. Shelton. The agency was established because Mary had a need for her developmentally disabled daughter.  Prior to opening the agency, Mary struggled to find adequate care for her daughter. Mary decided that if she was having these negative experiences, other parents must be experiencing the same types of hardships.  As a result, she decided to establish her own agency.


And GMR was born…

Our Mission

We are committed to providing a network of person-centered supports to individuals with Developmental Disabilities, in the areas of Supported Living, Adult Day Array, and Specialized Transportation.  

We promote a system of individual driven choice in every aspect of the person’s life.

We believe each individual should be given the opportunity to choose a lifestyle that reflects his or her personal preferences.  We will provide assistance for the individual to participate in his or her community to the fullest extent desired.

Our Culture

A family oriented business operating in a professional manner


GMR’s culture is sensitive, caring, loving, considerate and supportive. 

GMR Core Values:



Knowledge & Understanding



Positive Work Environment

About GMR Exceptional Care
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